Friday, July 30, 2010

Not very bloggy lately!

Less than 14 days to finish the Big project!
To update;
top is finished,
backing bought and washed,
binding - don't know,
filling "empty" space in middle and/or embroidery in heart--don't know!

So I'm moving along and at a stand still all at the same time! Talked out a few things with hubby, good sounding board and he is used to it! Not totally happy with the look at the moment but hoping it will come to me....... soon!!

Worked on quilting a wall quilt for my den in the past few days. Good to take a break from the Big project. Needed the pins from it for basting anyway! Also gave machine a cleaning.

We finally had some nice weather over the week end and hub, 2 dogs and I spent the day out. Stopped at a garden place, bought new collars for the girls and had lunch at an outside restaurant on the water where the dogs are allowed. A really nice day for all!

We had our 36th wedding anniversary last week and didn't do too much celebrating. However, we got a kick out of buying roses on sale (total cost $10.) from the grocery store! Two bunches, I think 20 in all..... don't they look gorgeous!!!

PS. Wrote this a couple days ago but, didn't quite finish or publish! Think I may be close to an idea to "fill the space". Fingers crossed!! Oh, hard to sew that way! ! ! ! Hehe!!


Kaye said...

Sherry, I have no doubt that you will come up with a great idea will come to you. The quilt is looking georgeous. Happy Anniversary to you and Jim. Don't the years fly by sooo faST? TOO fast. See you Monday!!!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

love the rose and happy 36th

Winona said...

Happy anniversary to you and your dh. Beautiful roses. I know you will come up with the perfect idea for the heart quilt. Have a good day. Winona

Pat said...

Love the roses! The quilt will be wonderful when you are done with it...I have no doubt about it. A belated Happy Anniversary to you...our 43rd is on the 19th of August.

Tangos Treasures said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Can't wait to see the finish!!

Beth said...

Happy Anniversary! The big quilt is looking very good... Can't wait to see it all done.