Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog Break

I took an extended break from blogging. Just couldn't get motivated to write. Don't know why, maybe end of summer blahs! Hope to resume a semi-regular blog routine in the near future. Sunday we leave for a family gathering in the Adirondacks for a week, even the dogs are going!!

Since last we met....I attended the wedding for which I made the quilt I showed here. Quilt was well liked and appreciated, wedding was Excellent! Great picture of bride and groom my son took! And me with son and daughter at wedding below.

My project upon coming home was long ago promised but sorely needed now. My daughters best friend is a 34yr. old working mother of 2 beautiful boys ages 2 and 1 yrs. old. Several months ago she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since then she's had to take a leave from her job, had a 3 week hospital stay to start chemo, endured brutally painful spinal headaches, more chemo, and no family bone marrow match.
A non-family donor was located, but the leukemia cells were present again and she is now back in the hospital going though more chemo until it's all gone and a bone marrow transplant can be done. She's most likely to be in the hospital a total of 3 months if not more..... without seeing her kids in person!!!!!
I just can't even imagine! At least technology is somewhat helpful these days! So hard for her Mom and husband, too!
My very small contribution to Alison is a throw sized quilt made from all the purple fabric I've been saving over the years. Ali loves purple and now has something colorful to cheer her in the hospital! We are all wishing she comes home soon!
My daughter is a great support for Ali, she's lucky to have a job which allows her to visit all day when needed. I'm very happy she can be such a good friend!

On a much lighter note, I have been busy with my computer....doing research on new cars. Many nights of reading, comparing and most important, color choice! We did the research, took the test drives and now own a 2011 Kia Sorento! We went with a pearlized white with black interior. Funny, we have a black and a white dog, grey house with white trim and black shutters and my husbands truck is black.... is there a theme here!?! Anyway very exciting!

Went to a quilt show with Pat(a little of this and a little of Pat)and we had a great time together. Saw many beautiful (and some Why?) quilts, shopped a few vendors (held back due to Lancaster trip coming up) and left with very tired feet! (Also disappointed not to see GO demo!)

So that brings me to now as I'm packing for our trip, making a runner my sister wanted for a gift, making covers for the dogs new cushions and I also want to test the curve foot we bought at quilt show! Phew.... can't wait to see those mountains!!! Fun to be with 1 son, daughter, sisters, and more!! ( I hope!?!)

Have fun out there in quilt land!


Tangos Treasures said...

Wow nice family picture!!
Love your purple quilt & the story was very moving. I will keep her in my prayers!!

Tonya said...

love your picture, and the small quilt for the sick friend, i hope she does super well

Michelle said...

What a great post! You have a beautiful family! I'm so sorry about your daughter's friend, I know she'll love the quilt and be comforted by it.

Pat said...

The purple quilt turned out so nice and I'm sure is a great comfort to your daughter's friend. I sure hope you can learn to use that curved foot because it has gotten the best of me and I've given up on it!!!

Winona said...

You have been busy. I hope your daughter's friend does well. Lovely quilt you made her. Have fun on you trip. Enjoy driving that new vehicle. Winona

Beth said...

What beautiful photos fromthe wedding. Sorry to hear about your daughter's friend. I know she will love her quilt.
Enjoy your trip. Sounds like fun.

Denise :) said...

Missing you! Any fall-inspired projects going on?!?! :)