Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Quilting

No quilting going on with me for a while. Too bad, as I miss the creativity, my fabric, my sewing room, my house!
Oh, there are so many projects waiting.....half finished, almost finished, just begun and some just being thought about. Also waiting for me are quilting magazines to read and fabric I bought back in November that I unpacked and put away one day at home in January. (I barely remembered it by then ...)
I suppose the good thing in this break could be that all will seem new and exciting when I return home to get back to the normal routine!

I put my life on hold for a bit. First a wonderful week in the Adirondacks with family back in Oct. took me away in a good way. In the next weeks I didn't sew much and unfortunately didn't start my holiday projects!
During the first week of Nov. I had an awesome time with my sister and quilting pals in PA. Mostly we were fabric shopping, which is always fun!!
My sister sold her house during this period and needed help with finding a new place, then with packing and moving. I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth from DE to NJ on the ferry and trying to talk her out of keeping everything! (There was a lot!)
Finally by Thanksgiving my sisterly duties were done and my daughter drove me back to DE. My son, his wife and the 3 boys also came for T-day and a good time was had by all!
My husband and I were really ready for some time to ourselves and getting back to our usual routine by the end of the holiday weekend. We did get some decorating for Christmas done early in the week and most the shopping was also done, luckily!
That week my daughter was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We quickly left home to be in NJ with Claire and the rest of the family! She was blessed with great doctors who moved quickly to treat her. We have spent the last 2 months going back and forth to stay with our son and his family while helping Claire and keeping her company during chemo treatments.
Claire is incredibly strong, brave, courageous and fun! Yes, through all this she has been fun! Joking and telling stories that amuse the doctor and assistants at the treatment office. She is actually more concerned for her best friend who is suffering from leukemia, with horrible effects from her bone marrow transplant in CA. Finally her friend seems to be on the slow road back to health, her home and family.
Claire is doing well, a scan found 80% shrinkage of the tumor in her chest, and Fri. is the 5th of 6 treatments. After the last treatment, a final scan will hopefully confirm all traces of lymphoma are gone. Though she is easily tired, her overall side effects have been less than some have, but each day could bring more so we kind of wait and hold our breath! Last week a blood clot developed, which adds another complication, but I think we help by driving her places and keeping company, cooking, cleaning!
Her work has been terrific and we've chatted about how lucky she is to have such good people around(and insurance), the things we all take for granted usually. We also have been together a lot as a family which has been great! Claire shares a house with her younger brother who has helped her so much, his great girlfriend is another nice support. In all a wonderful, bad situation!

Just hoping to get back to the happy feeling of bumpy thread on layers of pretty fabric soon.....but then I suppose I'll miss the family!!!


Kaye said...

Oh Sherry, we do miss you home here but you and Jim are where you need to be. Life sure does put some big bumps in the road, we just have to trust in God and pray and overcome the obstacles. Give Claire a big hug and soon we will be back sewing together. LOVE AND MISS YOU!!

Pat said...

I really believe things are on the upswing now for Claire (and, subsequently, for the rest of you). It will be fun to have you back here, but we all do understand that you had to be in NJ for all of this. Both Claire and Ali remain in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you next week one day! (Check your email about that.)

Beth said...

All the best to your daughter and her family, you of course, and to her friend.
Hope you get back to the sewing room soon cause that will mean DD is better!!!

flowerofshona said...

Love your blog, and your labs are stunning!
Wishing your daughter loads of healing vibes to give her strength to win the fight! I won mine 5 years ago so know what you are going through.
Glad you are getting some time for you now.
Loads of hugs and woofs from my mad labs

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